Conferences & Courses

In 2005, our laboratory began organizing 2-day international conferences devoted entirely to dyspnea.  (There had been one such conference in England in 1965.)  After we organized such meetings in 2005, 2009, and 2013, other groups took up the baton and have organized similar meetings in 2016, 2018, 2022, and plan one for June 2024.  This series then lead to formation of The Dyspnea Society.

You can find programs of past meetings here

Upcoming meeting

Dyspnea 2024 in Montreal

Past Meetings:

Dyspnea 2022 in Oxford  Campus of Oxford Brookes University  (Organizers Shakeeb Moosavi and Kyle Pattinson)

Dyspnea 2018 in Montreal Campus of McGill University (Organizer Dennis Jensen)

Dyspnea 2016 in Paris  June 16-17, Hôtel Elysée Val d’Europe in Serris, France (Organizers Capucine Morelot-Panzini and Thomas Similowski)

Dyspnea 2013 on the Maine Coast June 2013, campus of the University of New England, Biddeford, Maine (Organizers Andrew Binks and Bob Banzett)

International Dyspnea Symposium, 2009, University of California San Diego. Organizers Bob Banzett and Andrew Binks.

ISARP Meeting 2006, Newport, RI, October 21-23  Sessions on ‘measurement of dyspnea’ and ‘animal models of dyspnea  Organizers Bob Banzett and Bob Lansing

International Dyspnea Symposium, 2005, University of San Diego.  Organizers Andrew Binks and Bob Banzett  (Brief meeting report in The Physiologist). Attended by Abe Guz and John Severinghaus, who were at the 1965 meeting.