Basic Dyspnea Information

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1. Frequently asked questions

Do I have Dyspnea?

What causes Dyspnea?

Why is Dyspnea important?

What are the treatments for Dyspnea?

What can I do to help fight Dyspnea?


2. Information on specialty clinics for shortness of breath


3. NIH Interactive Text (written primarily for healthcare professionals)

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1. COPD Coalition – an organization of patient groups, academic, governmental and professional organizations devoted to chronic obstructive lung disease (emphysema)

2. Alpha One – a patient organization for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficient patients

3. Fighting for Air – American Lung Association information about COPD

4. American Lung Association information about Asthma

5. Breath of Life – National Institutes of Health information about Asthma

6.ARDS Foundation – a patient organization for Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome

7. Breathlessness Research Charitable Trust – a British site that offers reliable information on shortness of breath