Dyspnea 2016 in Paris

Dyspnea Society

The Dyspnea Society is an international multidisciplinary community that promotes collegial exchange amongst scientific and clinical professionals. 
Our aim is to advance scientific knowledge of dyspnea and its translation to clinical practice. 

Register here. More information can be found through this link: http://www.dyspnea2016inparis.fr/.

If you can’t get your breath, nothing else matters.  We know dyspnea is an extremely unpleasant, frightening sensation that causes suffering in hundreds of millions of patients.  Yet few scientists spend their time trying to understand this sensation.  We founded the Dyspnea Society to organize periodic 2-day international meetings bringing dyspnea scientists together in a collegial atmosphere with plenty of time to converse. Andrew Binks and I organized Dyspnea2005, 2009, & 2013 in the US. We are delighted to turn over the responsibility for Dyspnea2016 to new organizers on a different continent! Please join the conversation in Paris.

See you there!
Bob Banzett